Coop Danmark
Coop chose an Eco-degradable material to meet with their on-going environmental policies – the design printed in CMYK is finished with a matt lamination and incorporates a hi-coercivity magnetic stripe and clear gloss spot UV on the surface. The cards are fully personalised on both sides (black reverse, white front) and attached to a personalised letter along with a set of personalised key-fobs before being inserted into an outer envelope and posted direct to customers.
Coop Faroe
The Coop Faroe card is manufactured on an Eco degradable PVC substrate with CMYK and features a hi-coercivity magnetic stripe. The cards are personalised and encoded in weekly batches, attached to accompanying letters and envelopes and mailed directly to card holders. Some customers also receive a set of 3 fobs within their pack.
Coop Greenland
The Coop Greenland team designed their stylish loyalty card in CMYK on both sides. The card is gloss laminated on Eco Degradable material with a hi-coercivity magnetic stripe. Cards and separate matching 3 up fobs are personalised and attached to corresponding letters, inserted into envelopes and distributed directly to card holders.