Alm Brand
The Alm Brand electronic passport shield was finished to 83mm x 122mm in order to slip comfortably into the inside of an ‘ePassport’ protecting the holder from illicit scans. The shields were printed lithographically in CMYK and attached to personalised letters which were then folded and inserted into outer envelopes and mailed to households throughout Denmark.
GF Insurance
The GF Insurance contactless card shield was manufactured as a patented product under licence from VoyagerBlue Technology. The core of the card is lined with specialised shielding material that acts as a barrier between your contactless cards and any reader, stopping illicit card transactions, accidental payments and also protects your personal details. The shields were printed in CMYK and mounted to personalised letters and mailed to over 200,000 households in Denmark.
The 'golden boy' of the Scandinavian pop scene commissioned this contactless card shield for retail sales in Denmark. The matt laminated shield, manufactured under patent licence exclusive for VoyagerBlue Technology, is litho printed in for colours on both sides, with screen printed metallic gold on the reverse and high-gloss gold foil on the face of the card.